1 need 3 powerful power points on our group implementation plan see

This is a group project. I am responsible for the intro and question one. So A total of 3 slides only. SPEAKER NOTES ARE VITAL!

Ensure your slides are visually appealing and conform to conventions of effective slide design. Include a reference slide with a minimum of three secondary resources utilized in the development of your presentation.

In Phase 3, your team will prepare a presentation to recommend your implementation plan to the appropriate audience for your innovation (e.g., venture capitalists, your CEO, your board of directors, etc.). Your goal is to persuade the audience to back your plan. Prepare 10-15 professionally developed presentation slides that accomplish the following:

  1. Describe the innovation and its value to both customers and the organization/entity to which you are pitching your idea.


Cohesion-How well the slide show is “ONE VOICE.” If I can tell where different contributions start and stop, there’s an issue. 40 points

Innovation description-Short and to the point-15 points

“Describe the innovation and its value to both customers and the organization/entity to which you are pitching your idea.”

Implementation plan-15 points

“Review the implementation plan in significant enough depth to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the implementation process.”

Cost benefit analysis-Show how this can make a profit. Do not put an entire Excel spreadsheet, just a summary. Real world, all the details would not be on a Powepoint slide, but would be in a separate handout or provided later. This is an overview-15 points

“Include a cost/benefit analysis appropriate for your particular audience.”

APA-I have been harping on this all year, and it needs to be correct. You have to have three references, and thus, at least three citations. References must be listed on its own slide, the last slide, and formatted correctly. Citations must correctly formatted-15 points

Finally, if there are less than 10 slides, or more than 15, you will get a 10% deduction from your final score for every slide over or under. For example, eight slides, 20% off. 19 slides, 40% off.

Finally, the point of a powerpoint is it is an overview, not the entire project. Real world, you’d be talking about your presentation, not just having a slide show. Format it that way.

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