2 – leadership and organizational effectiveness



You are the Director of HR for your selected organization—Netflix, Nike, or Universal Studios. You report directly to the newly hired COO. During a recent meeting with the COO, it was brought to your attention that there is not a formal training plan for newly onboarded leaders within the organization. The COO has requested that you draft a plan for developing the needed training and report back with the initial plan steps.


Write a formal email, with appropriate format and tone, to the COO in which you outline steps for developing a formal training plan that will improve organizational effectiveness. In the email you will identify the steps of the training plan and review how the absence of a formal plan can impact organizational effectiveness. 

In the email you will:

  • Evaluate the desired leadership styles, leadership traits, and communication expectations that are the focus of the leadership plan.
  • Discuss how leadership skills influence organizational effectiveness.
  • Discuss the benefits of organizational effectiveness within the workplace.
  • Evaluate how the company’s organizational effectiveness can be impacted by the lack of a formal training processes.

NOTE – Be sure the document displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.


Company information for Netflix, Nike, and Universal Studios: (ATTACHED

Hoover’s Company Records. (2019). Netflix, Inc. profile.

Hoover’s Company Records. (2019). NIKE, Inc profile.

Hoover’s Company Records (2019). Universal Studios Company LLC profile

The following resources will be helpful for this assignment. These should be used to supplement your research. Please remember to use APA citations as needed.

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