3-page report (select 2 games) on the gaming software purpose, and


Please, visit these gaming websites that are listed in your textbook and join some for free (do not pay, just explore). 

(1) NationStates—create your own country http://www.nationstates.net
(2) CItyOne http://www-01.ibm.com/software/solutions/soa/innov8/cityone/index.html
(3) Breakaway (Disaster Management-Incident Commander) http://www.breakawayltd.com
(4) Budget Hero http://www.marketplace.org/topics/economy/budget-hero
(5) World Without Oil http://worldwithoutoil.org
(6) 2050 Pathways https://www.gov.uk/2050-pathways-analysis
(7) The Social Simulator http://www.socialsimulator.com
(8) Democracy http://www.positech.co.uk/democracy

Please, write a  3-page report (select 2 games) on the gaming software purpose, and its utility in public policy formulation and education. Include pertinent screenshots of the simulations with explanations (APA-compliant). 

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