4.2 interview report paper | Management homework help

 Students will interview at least one individual from each generation interviewed (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennialists, Gen-Zers) in their workplace or organization that will be used for their research paper. No names for the individuals interviewed should be identified. The following procedures will be observed:

  • Ask each individual their perception of what (if any) differences they see in how the four generations approached their work. 
  • In the interview, you should have the individual discuss with you their view of the specific “sticking point” chosen for your study as it relates to the organization you are studying. 
  • Provide the individual with a listing of the 12 “sticking points” and ask the interviewee to rank the three (3) that create the most challenge and three (3) that do not create any problems. 
  • Subsequent to the interviews provide a reflection on your findings indicating how they were either consistent or inconsistent with Shaw’s description of the generational “sticking points.”

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