To be ethical, of course we will show or mention these sources in the actual presentation as well.

Provide five potential sources for your Video Argument Presentation. We want to use solid sources to back up our opinion as we think through logos and ethos in our presentations. To be ethical, of course we will show or mention these sources in the actual presentation as well.

The sources listed in the annotated bibliography should be arranged in alphabetical order by author’s last name, according to APA standards.

For each source, please include a lengthy (100-200 words per source) annotation that shows you’ve read the source material and know how you can use the source in your own presentation. Many times, information from the annotations ends up in the presentation. At the least, the annotation serves to clarify why you’ve investigated this particular source.

Your annotation should include the following:

  • Evidence that you have read the source carefully and critically and that you understand the points it is making. In other words, summarize the source’s argument succinctly and fairly, without adding your opinion in this first paragraph of the entry in the bibliography. If you’ve taken English 1211, you might remember this as the “They Say” portion of the assignment as you are simply recounting what the source says about your topic.
  • A connection to your own argument. For instance, how does this source support your side of the issue? How can you use it to establish ethos, pathos, or logos? How does the source show the other side of your issue, and how can you counter that point? This is the “I Say” portion of the entry. What do you think about what the source says, and how will it be useful to you for your Video Argument Presentation?


I’ll use this source to provide background on the film ratings; it gives a clear overview of what each rating means. This information will be in the introduction of my paper. Most of their links will lead me to additional useful information that I can use to make points about the dangers of violent media on children, etc. Using a source from the Motion Picture Association lends ethos to my presentation as it shows I’m using credible material.

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