Maintain normal operations of Wal-Mart during the hurricane disaster.Reduce the severity of the disaster. Speed ​​up post-disaster recovery.

This business continuity & disaster recovery plan will focus on Walmart Inc. especially in the Miami region caused by the hurricane. As a retail company, Walmart needs a strong warehousing system to support their normal operation while in the Miami area, a hurricane is a high-risk factor threatening Walmart on both the physical business system and the huge back-office system it owns. In this plan, ()


Plan Purpose

This plan aims to ensure that when a tornado hits the local area, WalMart can have timely countermeasures to deal with such measures as computer system failures caused by floods and subsequent operational problems. On this basis, the plan will give suggestions on how to avoid risks, minimize risks, and how to quickly solve them to restore normal operations after a disaster occurs.


Plan Objective

There are three major objectives within this plan:

1. Maintain normal operations of Wal-Mart during the hurricane disaster.

2. Reduce the severity of the disaster.

3. Speed ​​up post-disaster recovery.


Plan Scope

The plan focuses on the IT system of Walmart Inc. in the Miami area.


Plan Scenarios Addressed

The specific prioritized scenario that this plan addresses are:

· Computerized system for automatically updating store inventory levels.

· Unable to make a transaction.

· Logistics and transportation.


Plan Assumptions

Totally, there are 20 Walmart stores currently operating in the Miami area. According to the information provided by Walmart official website, on average, there are about 350 employees working inside each Walmart supercenter. Therefore, the available labor force is about 7,000.

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