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This is the final evaluation of the lesson planning projects.  Recall that you will use the same two lesson plans you have previously submitted in 700.3 and 700.4.  Please do not submit those plans in this project until you have successfully completed 700.4 and reached the course complete page.

This project, 700.5 continues with those same two plans, this time evaluating different parts of the lesson plan. Your coursework preceding this project will have prepared you for the evaluation criteria of this project. Using the feedback from your submissions in 700.3 and 700.4, and the knowledge gained in the preceding coursework revise and submit your plans for initial evaluation in this project.

As before, this project is much more detailed than lesson plans typically used in the classroom. The projects are designed to evaluate your skills in a comprehensive way; thus you are asked to provide much more detail than traditional plans so that your instructor is able to evaluate your skills in these areas.  Please allow 3 – 5 days for scoring.

700.5 (this project) evaluates your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Questioning strategies and feedback
  • Accommodations and modifications
  • Assessing learning
  • The overall plan

For 700.5, you will submit two complete lesson plans for feedback and final evaluation. 

You may download the rubric here Download rubric hereto understand the expectations of the project. Read the rubric carefully as information has been added to the details of the “Assessment” section to include the scoring of the overall plan. The following exemplar lesson plan Download exemplar lesson planmay also be useful for you.

You must score at least 24 out of 30 points on each lesson plan to be successful. You may submit each plan until you reach the passing score, or until you have reached four re-submissions. When you have received passing scores on all lesson plans, please return to the home page of this course and select the “Course Complete” link to conclude the course. 

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