75-100+ word question | Reading homework help

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A Type I error is a greater concern than a Type II error. Agree or disagree with this statement and use examples to support your position.

2nd Part:

Choose a classmate with an opposing view and try to respectfully persuade them to your point of view. 

Classmate’s View:

I disagree that a Type one error is greater concern to me a type two error which is far worse than a type on error is the greater concern. Given false positive information to me would be worse because people believe and make decisions based on the information that they are given. Prime example to me would be you making a decision based on information that you are given if that is false information and you take it to be true are you truly making a good or bad decision, or are you making the best decision you can with the information that you are given. I try very hard to research to make decisions based on the information at hand.