A secure network domain design

Answer should be original, and similarity (plagiarism) not more than 10% this is very important otherwise I will be in trouble.

Answer should be a clear explanation and should be clear understanding (2000 words).

Answer should be references on Harvard style (Not use Wikipedia) should be Academic Articles or books.

When use citation from any reference please keep it between “citation” (Author,Year),please citation should be not more than 5%

As reference you can use the following book:

Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (2nd Edition)

Author: Anderson, R.

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0470068523 ISBN-13: 978-0470068526

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Book available from below link:


Assignment is:

Design the layout of users, domains, trusted domains, anonymous users, etc for a start-up open source software company ABC. They should have an internal CVS server (only internal developers can access it), an anonymous CVS server for outsiders to download source code, a WWW server (one for internal and one for external) and an internal mail server. It is crucial that outsiders should not be able to access either internal CVS or internal WWW servers.

The design should be provide below requirements:

1. The topology diagram for the different servers and locations and trust domains. For example, where is the firewalls, and where are the users located in the topology.
2. The assumptions that you make for your design and the security policy to achieve this assumption.

3. Trust assumptions about users (e.g., who could be root, what a root could do). You do not need to create specific users, but you need to give a classification about users according to their

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