A Works Cited page must be attached with the sources listed alphabetically in MLA format.

Cause and Effect Essay                    


For this essay, you are to write an essay explaining the causes and/or effects of a situation. The essay should have a strong thesis that is defended though the essay.

Grade weight

15% of your final grade/150 points

Essay Type

  • Causes and Effect Essay
  • Students will choose their own topics.


900 to 1,200 words  (Points will be deducted for essays less than 850 words)

Point of View

3rd person/ Here are links to a resources that explain more:


Academic tone suitable for a college educated audience


  • Three (3) sources are required.
  • One (1) source must come from the PGCC databases
  • A Works Cited page must be attached with the sources listed alphabetically in MLA format.

Recommended Structure

  • Introduction- have a hook, enough background to orient your reader, and a thesis that identifies whether you will focus on causes, effects or both.
  • Body -Discuss various links in the causal chain, either tracing it backwards from effect to first cause, or beginning with the first cause. • Use transitions to ANALYZE the process rather than simply providing what amounts to a glorified play-by play narration (also know as process) • Present the causes chronologically and without missing links.
  • Conclusion • Return to thesis, then speculate on possible first causes to right a bad effect or possible other causes that might have destroyed or otherwise altered the good effect.


MLA- 12pt Times New Roman, 1-inch margins

  • Here is a video to help with formatting in Microsoft Word



  • Reading: Successful College Writing Chapter 18
  • Assignment Rubric
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