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Active Voice Quiz


Rewrite all of the following sentences so they are in the active voice. Some sentences could contain more than one passive verb; correct them all.

  1. The criminal was brought to justice 13 months after he committed the unforgivable crime.
  2. The passionate politician was cheered by the delegates.
  3. The trees were covered by the storm in ice.
  4. In 1991 the Iraqis were attacked by the Americans.
  5. She was driven to distraction by her neighbors who ran a pizza business from their apartment.
  6. Since I last was seen by my chiropractor, my back exercises have been done twice a day.
  7. Saratoga Springs, New York, has been called the gateway to the Adirondacks.
  8. The same day we got our puppy, Sputnik was sent into space by the Russians.
  9. As the man walked down the stairs, a pain in his right knee was felt.
  10. Guber made a spectacular play, but his shot that would have won him the game was blocked.


11.  The current status report has been attached, and I have highlighted the important figures.

12. Not before the survey responses have been collected and tabulated will it be possible to know the opinions of our employees.


13. According to the customer service representative, reshipment of these items will be considered when the customer’s need is determined by the company.

14. The participants were welcomed by Joyce Carmen, and the keynote speaker was introduced by her.



15. The report will be reviewed by the inspector before it is sent to the fire marshal. 

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