Air cargo industry forecasts | Operations Management homework help


Please select one of the four forecasts links to analyze:

· Airbus global market forecast (Airbus) (Links to an external site.)

· Current market outlook (Boeing) (Links to an external site.)

· Forecasting air freight demand (IATA / PDF) (Links to an external site.) 

 IATA Cargo Strategy (IATA / PDF) (Links to an external site.)                                                 

Write and submit a two to three-page report of your analysis. Please number and state each question or statement and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s).

  1. Introduction

o Name and describe the forecast that you chose.

2. Future market forecast and demand

o Describe the future market forecast and/or demand based on air traffic volumes, country demand, and country locations.

3. Future aircraft growth

o Describe future aircraft growth and demand (large aircraft vs. smaller aircraft), passenger aircraft growth, air cargo aircraft growth, and passenger to cargo conversions.

4. Conclusion

o Do you agree or disagree with the forecast findings? Why or why not?

Be specific with your responses.

Upon submission, your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin for originality. Ensure your work is entirely your own and cite your sources!

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