All of the following represent the philosophy espoused in Peter  Senge’s landmark book, The Fifth Discipline,

1. Question : Behavioral psychologists have demonstrated that people learn

best with immediate ____________________.

Student Answer:

punishment for inappropriate behavior

reinforcement of appropriate behavior

peer pressure

financial rewards

2. Question : ____________________ is required to assimilate what has been

learned, to accept it, to internalize it, and to build confidence in it.

Student Answer:




Group discussion

3. Question : Most of the money in a training budget is spent on ____________________.

Student Answer:

training materials

training facilities

instructor salaries

seminars and conferences

4. Question : All of the following represent the philosophy espoused in Peter

Senge’s landmark book, The Fifth Discipline, except:

Student Answer:

Trainers are the driving force behind any successful organization

Teams are the core performance units in organizations

Leadership occurs at many levels in an organization

Championship of human values in the workplace

5. Question : According to the book, The Fifth Discipline, which of the

following disciplines is the one upon which are others are based?

Student Answer:

Team Learning

Shared Vision

Mental Models

Personal Mastery

Systems Thinking

6. Question : When members of a team suspend their assumptions and take

up a think together mode that embraces the collective good and eschews self-interest, it is a phenomenon called ____________________.

Student Answer:





7. Question : The intelligent career framework involves all the following ways of knowing except:

Student Answer:

When we work

Why we work

How we work

With whom we work

8. Question : The most significant shift for a person in ____________________ is to

accept the decisions of subordinates without second-guessing them.

Student Answer:

Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Stage IV

9. Question : Career development programs are most valuable when they are all of the following except:

Student Answer:

Directed primarily toward middle and upper management

Open to all employees

Modified when evaluation indicates that change is necessary

Offered regularly

10. Question : Consequences of unrealistic aspirations and routine initial

assignments typically include all of the following except:

Student Answer:

Low productivity

Low job satisfaction

Low satisfaction of growth needs

Low satisfaction of self-actualization needs

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