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Choose an article from LIRN library that you may potentially use in your paper based on your topic choice and following Purdue’s guidance on creating an APA annotation for an Annotated Bibliography, share a full annotation with your peers.  Please share your paper’s topic choice, as well, so that your peers understand the relevance of the chosen article.  Please make your annotation, at least, 100 words and follow APA 7th edition formatting:

This annotation may appear in your Annotated Bibliography assignment that is due during Week Nine.   

For your peer response, choose an annotation to analyze and provide your classmate with guidance.  Do you see any APA issues you might be able to help with?  Does the article seem appropriate for the topic chosen?  Does the article seem credible, or was it found on a .com site that might lack credibility in the eyes of the audience?  Are you confused by how your classmate might be using the source based on his or her chosen topic?

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