Applications in information security | ISM 3324 | Eastern Florida State College


You are the Information Security Manager for Titan Industries, a Florida based company that provides Information Technology services to several clients all over the world. Your upper management has approached you with concerns that your computer system is vulnerable to an inside or outside attack. You have been tasked to identify ways that the computer systems within your company can be protected from both inside and outside attacks, identify risk mitigations strategies, and to write a white paper for your upper management.

First, you must do an Internet search and identify a computer configuration that you wish to use as the baseline for the computer system at Titan Industries. Second, identify the strengths and weaknesses of this computer system. Third, identify ways that the computer system can be protected from inside and outside attacks. Finally, discuss risk mitigation strategies that would minimize the effects of a successful attack.

Your paper should have the following format:

· Cover Page containing the following information:

o The Title of the paper

o Your Name

o Your Title with the company (e.g. Security Manager or IT Manager)

o The Date

o The Titan Industries Logo (you may create one or modify one you find online)

· Table of Contents

· Introduction – discusses the problem and why you are writing this white paper

· System Description

· System Strengths and Weaknesses

· System Protection Options

· Risk Mitigation Strategies

· Conclusions

· References

Your paper should be in Microsoft Word format, one inch margins, Times New Roman font, size 12, and be double spaced. Your papers should be between 10 to 12 pages in length, not counting the Cover Page. You will be graded on the content, structure, conformity to the guidelines discussed above, and the overall appearance of your white paper. 

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