Are you writing your proposal as a qualitative or quantitative project?

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You have considered your research question from both a quantitative and a qualitative approach. You now need to decide which approach you will use when you write your final research proposal. You also then need to consider the ethical issues for your proposal.

Write a brief essay identifying your topic and the approach that you will use for your research. Include the following heading:

Make sure that you answer the following questions in your essay:

Are you writing your proposal as a qualitative or quantitative project?
Why have you chosen this approach?
What type of methodology will you use for your proposal?
Clearly identify potential ethical issues for your project. How will you ensure voluntary participation? (If you are planning to use a consent form, draft one as a part of this assignment.) What potential harm may come to the participant? How will you address issues of anonymity and confidentiality?

This is the official “Request for Proposal.”

Length: 8 to 11 pages not including title page
Margins: 1 inch per side
Must be submitted in MS Word (if working with Macintosh, save as .rtf)
Spacing: double-space for normal text, while tables and reference list are single-spaced
Normal Font: Times Roman 12 point, Arial 12 point or Courier New 12 point
Cover page: includes title, author, institution
Content sections: at least the following sections must be included, although your titles may vary.
Establishment of the problem or research question.
Literature review.
Hypothesis, if it is causally-oriented quantitative study; if it is descriptive or qualitative, define study objectives only.
Research design, with brief description (e.g.: say not only “this will be a quasi-experimental study” or “this is an ethnographic study”; state also the reasons for this design and how is the sample structured.
Data gathering procedures, with example of instrument(s) if possible (the instruments samples usually go as appendixes).
Consideration of ethical issues.
Quantitative studies: statistical analysis; describe what statistical procedures you will use and for what. Qualitative studies: what procedures you will use for analysis, categories, coding system, how to extract conclusions.
References, listed in alphabetical order. Only references cited in text are used.
Appendixes: additional elements such as instruments, forms and letters.
Grammar and style norms: APA Style (see references in Module 06 content)
Written in future tense, and impersonal; as if the study would be performed after approval of the proposal.
References: at least 10 references cited in text, only half of them can be from Internet; printed journals that have a site in the Internet are counted as print.

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