Arts final discussion | arts 1301 | Houston Community College


Watch the following Ted talk about the difference between art and craft before answering the question:

  1.  When was the difference between Art and Craft established? This will be important to remember as you continue to view and experience art in the future.
  2.  Select from the groups of Ancillary Materials to answer your assignment. YOU MAY ALSO GO TO THE MUSEUMS FREE You need only select one group to study, though you are welcome to select more.
  3. After your review of the materials, use the links to the Menil Collection and the MFAH to select a work from your studies which corresponds to your studies.

ART OF THE AMERICAS  AFTER GOING THROUGH THE MODULE MATERIALS, Use the MFAH LINK TO THE COLLECTIONS TO SELECT A WORK  MFAH COLLECTIONS (Links to an external site.) Choose a work which exemplifies the culture which you have just studied.

describe the work using your new skills and language. Be thorough with cultural context. Remember the four questions.

link of the video for reference  (first video)

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