Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

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Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

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Main Question Post:

Using the Walden Library

During research for another assignment, I came across an interesting article about suicide and substance abuse in the Walden Library. I was looking for how substance abuse related to suicide if at all and was delighted with the search results. In this post, I will discuss a summary of the study, its strengths and limitations, and my search experience.

The study was conducted in Denmark using their national registration systems. The registers can track who has had psychiatric treatment for a mental health disorder as well as co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse. The purpose of the study was to determine links between substance use and completed suicides and attempted suicides. The study used the registry data to conclude that substance use increased the risk of completing suicide by triple (Ostergaard, Nordentoft, & Hjorthoj, 2017). Although this is valuable information, it has limitations. For example, the study outcome may apply in Denmark, but it is not representative of mental health populations outside of Denmark. A strength present in the study was the use of national registers that allowed the study conductors to follow individuals over an extended period versus a randomized controlled trial where time to study is often short.

The use of the Walden Library has become more comfortable over time. Finding the study was relatively easy as I mentioned above that I was looking for how substance abuse and suicide relate. According to Walden University (n.d.), splitting your topic into keywords and avoiding phrases are vital strategies for searching for articles. I typed “substance abuse” and “suicide” into the search bar, and this study was number two on the list under the CINAHL Plus database. Using keywords is the best-kept secret to successful searching. Also, I like to take advantage of citations that are included in the library resources. Walden University (n.d.) suggests checking the citations from the library before using in your works as they do have errors. I have found errors when using the built-in citations, so this is excellent advice.


Ostergaard, M. L. D., Nordentoft, M., & Hjorthoj, C. (2017). Associations between substance use disorders and suicide or suicide attempts in people with mental illness: a Danish nation-wide, prospective, register-based study of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression or personality disorder. Addiction, 112(7), 1250–1259.

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