Assignment 4: internship experience report




The final paper provides an opportunity to reflect on the entire internship experience. The report should summarize your learning, assess overall success in achieving your Learning Objectives, and highlight any additional insights about the organization, industry, or career field. The goals of the report are:

• To provide an opportunity for the student to reflect on and synthesize the full experience, and to analyze personal and professional effectiveness;

• To facilitate closure of the internship experience.


The following guidelines will be strictly enforced. Late papers will not be accepted. Students will be required to rewrite the final paper if they do not adhere to the guidelines. Rewrites must be submitted within 24 hours after notification or the student will receive a 5 point deduction for every day that it is late.

A- The Report should be a:

-Maximum of five (5) pages, 

-Typed and double-spaced, with Arial font, 

-1” margins, and 

-12 point type. 

B- The final paper must address the topics below, and use “headings” to divide each reflection topic within your paper (e.g. Company’s Strengths & Opportunities; Learning Objectives; Challenges & Resolutions): The final paper must include an Introduction of your paper as well as –

Company’s Strengths & Opportunities

• Your observations of the company’s strengths and opportunities

• Your perceived strengths and opportunities

• What was your biggest challenge during this internship?

Learning Objectives

• List of each Learning Objective and discuss the extent to which the objective was met as well as the tasks you did to accomplish the objective.

• If an objective was not accomplished, then an explanation should be provided as to why, and what was accomplished in place of that objective.

• What would you have done differently in order to accomplish an objective that was not met?

Challenges & Resolutions

• What skills do you wish you had acquired before beginning this internship that would have made it easier for you to complete assigned tasks?

• How were you able to apply classroom knowledge to your internship experience?


• How can you (or other interns) utilize this experience when re-entering the classroom or workplace?

• What characteristics would the ideal intern possess to excel at this internship site?

• How has this internship solidified or changed your career focus?


Satisfactory assessment of the Final Reflection Paper is based on:

Demonstrated ability to synthesize and analyze the experience;

Demonstrated awareness of self as an experiential learner;

Adherence to the Final Paper guidelines

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