assignment: executive leadership self-assessment and


Assignment: Executive Leadership Self-Assessment and Self-Development Plan

What are the 16 critical competencies for health care executives?

The  16 competencies for health care executives explain those areas that  health care executives should excel in for competent health care  administration practice. General guidelines such as clear communication,  trust, ethical leadership, and mentorship, help health care executives  acknowledge that they are the leader at the helm of mobilizing change  and leading their health care organization toward success. Poor  management, ineffective leadership, and unclear directions can have dire  consequences for health care executives and their health care  organizations.

For this Assignment, you will  complete a self-assessment and self-development plan in relation to the  16 critical competencies for health care executives. You will identify  your strengths and weaknesses among these 16 competencies and identify  opportunities to engage in future professional development.

The Assignment

  • Complete Appendix A and Appendix B in Dye & Garman (2015).    
    1. Complete Appendix A.
    2. You do not submit any responses for appendix A.
    3. Complete Appendix B.
    4. Submit Appendix B as your Week 11 Assignment.

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