Becoming the leader | Management homework help


Find a current business event from The Wall Street Journal that represents a leadership challenge. Now, imagine you have been asked to step into the leadership role to manage the challenge. 


Discuss the steps you would take in the first 90 days of your leadership. Explain your approach by applying learning from the lectures, videos, and readings this week, as well as any relevant concepts from earlier in the course. 

This week’s DQ asks that you identify a leadership challenge within an organization, assume the senior leadership role, and identify steps to effectively manage the challenges associated with this new responsibility. I thought about the responsibilities associated with leading a project, a team, and even an organization. There are some basic steps involved that are applicable across the board. The most important thing to remember is that you will be leading people. That should always be the undergirding factor. Next, you want to lead in a way that you also want to be led. As I considered which experience to share this week, I remembered a game we played as a child, Simon Says (1).

The objective of this game is to become the leader. As the leader, one could operate from two perspectives: the combative leader or the encourager. The mindset of the leader will determine the style of leadership selected. The combative leader plays from a defensive position and tries to eliminate the other players because they are viewed as the competition. The leader who encourages executes the game from a position of coaching and collaboration—the other players are viewed as potential partners. 

The objective of the followers is to simply receive the chance of becoming the leader, to be Simon. While in the follower position, one will pay acute attention to the actions and instructions provided by Simon. When given the opportunity to be Simon, however, the perspective changes and the new leader becomes responsible for providing guidance, giving instruction, and motivating the others to follow.

The critical skills involved include:

  • A capability to instruct with clarity
  • To observe with certainty
  • Listen with open-mindedness
  • Initiate change
  • Have fun

**** personal priorities, m how to balance work and life, management/advice, management/ purpose**** should be included.

These principles also apply to the leadership role in a business environment. As you select opportunities, consider this your time to be Simon—how will you lead? How will your first 90 days look and feel? For you? For your peers, colleagues, and followers? Consider the impact on the vision, the culture, the climate, and the organization. How will you motivate, execute, build support? Remember, leadership is about change and preparing your followers for change. Stepping into a new leadership position can be significant, whether you are becoming a leader of a team, a department, or an entire organization. There is a lot at stake for both the success of the business and for your own personal success ((JWI510, Wk9 Lecture Notes, 2). Look into your Welch Leadership toolbox, pull in outside sources, share your experiences, and make me proud!

Please make this personal and not extremely technical. I’ve included this weeks learning articles and YouTube video on Leadership. I also, included my DISC assessment which defines my leadership a

WSJ article to Use: “Makeup Mogul Artist Bobbi Brown”

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DUE TONIGHT, DEC 2nd by 10pm. 

Please follow instruction thoroughly.