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Curiosity Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of writing a proposal is to collect your thoughts about what you want to include in your essay/study/presentation, what you want to emphasize, and how to go about doing both of those.

Write both the proposal and the annotated bibliography in the format you will use in your final essay/study/presentation.

The requirements of this proposal entail:

  • Defining the topic: What did you learn about what you always wanted to know?
  • Defining the focus (summarize in 1-2 sentences the following): How did you narrow down what you always wanted to know? What aspect of this topic did you focus on and why?

Your proposal should be one paragraph in length.

The requirements of this proposal entail:

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is evaluate the sources you have researched and will probably use in your essay. See this video (Links to an external site.) on what an annotated bibliography is.

The requirements of the annotated bibliography entail evaluating the sources you have researched in annotated bibliographic form, including:

  • a brief (one to two sentences) summary of the piece
  • a discussion of why this particular source is applicable to your essay/study/presentation
  • citing these sources in the style required by the discipline which your topic falls under. The most popular document styles are:
    • APA format for topics that fall under psychology, sociology, health, or nursing
    • MLA format for topics that fall under the humanities, such as literature, art, music, theater, or dance
    • Chicago Manual of Style format for historical topics
    • Google the documentation style used for other disciplines

Your annotated bibliography should contain any potential sources you may use, even if you ultimately decide not to use them in your essay. 

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