Bsa/376 work-related project analysis | Information Systems homework help

This assignment builds on your Work-Related Project Analysis, Part 1. Part 2 incorporates the transition from analysis to design for the selected system.

Create a 700- to 1,050-word document in which you analyze and describe your chosen work-related project’s application architecture and process design.

  • Analyze the tools of systems analysis to describe the work-related information system’s architecture.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Analyze the processes.
  • Analyze the interfaces.
  • Analyze the networks.
  • Draw the physical and data flow and any other necessary diagrams.
  • Explain each diagram. You may need to talk to your systems department for some help.
  • Prepare your diagrams using Microsoft® Visio® or other software that will allow you to create SDLC diagrams.

Cite at least 3 reputable references. One reference must be your textbook, Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality.

Format your document according to APA guidelines.

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