Business ethics in-class activity 3

in-class activity 3-1

 Q1. If you have to pick 3 things that should never be commodified, what would you pick? (In other words, what are the 3 things you’d rather not buy nor sell for money?)
Q2. Do you agree with Sandel that there are some things that should not be commodified? Why or why not?

in-class activity 3-3

 Watch the video about the Baby M case ( ) and answer the following questions.

Q1. Do you think that the Sterns did something morally impermissible by asking Mary Beth Whitehead, the surrogate mother, to yield the parental rights of Baby M to the Sterns? Or do you think that Mary Beth Whitehead did something morally impermissilbe by trying not to follow the terms of their contract? 

Q2. In 1988, regarding the Baby M case, the New Jersey Supreme Court said that paying money for surrogacy is “illegal, perhaps criminal, and potentially degrading to women.” Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

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