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  1.  You work in a prominent national bank as an Assistant V.P. of Retail Operations.  Your supervisor’s boss, the Senior V.P. of Retail Operations likes to get to know the junior people in his department by inviting them out for a round of golf.  You know that these outings are about sizing people up and have an effect of their potential to be promoted.  You are the only woman in the department and the only one who does not play golf.  You never receive the invitation to play golf that your peers all have.  What do you do, if anything?
  • Is it ethical for the Senior V.P. to use these golf outings as a management tool?
  • What would be your strategy to deal with the fact that you have been shut out of this quality time with the Senior V.P. that could affect your career?

 Be sure to base your initial post and responses on course materials, and use 7th ed. APA citations in every post. 

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   The Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor Foundation 

Theme 2:  Freedom From Discrimination

Illegal Discrimination

Legal Discrimination