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Communication Skills and Report Writing Written Assignment

Select and read a minimum of three articles that each relate to some aspect of communication skills and report writing. 

  • Using the articles that were selected on communication skills and report writing, summarize five aspects of communication skills and report writing that are discussed in the articles that you selected.
  • Explain why each aspect of communication skills and report writing is vital to an accountant’s professional career.
  • The summary should be a minimum of five to eight pages (counting the cover page and bibliography).
  • The font size should be 12-point and the type can be Times New Roman, Verdana, or Arial.
  • Paper should be properly cited using APA referencing style. This means that citations should be in a bibliography and in the body of the paper wherever you refer to or directly quote any information or terms from other sources.
  • You should include a minimum of three references in your paper.
  • This paper is a research paper.

 Be careful, make sure to avoid plagiarism and to use quotation marks and proper citation as required.  

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