Assignment 5 mid-term | Education homework help


Culturally Relevant Teaching (CRT) Power Point

Due Date:  Sunday, October 3 by 11:59 p.m. (0-5 Total Pts.)

5 additional points available for quality workmanship = 10 Total Points


  1. Research Gloria Ladson-Billings, and her ground-breaking theoretical pedagogy.
  2. Describe the contributions of Gloria Ladson-Billings’ culturally relevant teaching methodology.
  3. Highlight the work of two additional educators’ whose work  has also advocated for the infusion of student’s culture into their teaching and learning process.

Submission Instructions: Create a power point with each slide containing at least 75% visuals. Submit your completed assignment to Blackboard Discussion Board by the due date. Refer to the Grading Rubric for all your assignments! Use as many slides need to submit a quality power point.

Students must complete this assignment by the due date. No make-up assignment available for this assignment.

Spss lab | Social Science homework help

In order to create your research report you will need to understand basic functions within the program SPSS. This assignment requires that you use the attached Excel spreadsheet for the dataset to conduct basic procedures in SPSS.

Utilize the Word document to complete the lab assignment. The Word document is a checklist that will also be used as the scoring guide for this assignment.

Help please | English homework help

Explicate the relevance of the following sentences in terms of the story.  Questions to help guide you are:

  • How do they drive the story forward? 
  • How do they point to the theme? 
  • Why are they essential to understanding?

Copy the chart.  Fill in with your responses.  Two condensed sentences maximum for each topic.




When he woke up, he found himself happy.


Then his resistance collapsed completely, and he could not control his tears.


And whenever you face suffering you burst out laughing? 


I did not come to you because I am mill, but because I am happy.

Week 2: foundations of business analysis –business analysis and

Week 2: Foundations of Business Analysis –Business Analysis and Complexity

Overview and Rationale

In order to demonstrate proficiency with the content in this course we will complete a number of different assignments to validate

your learning – and allow you to implement relevant practices a real-world setting.

Week 2 Learning Objectives

• Create the Business Analysis Plan

• Compare and describe the core tools and techniques that can be leveraged in the business analysis lifecycle.

• Organize and structure a proactive approach to planning which ensure that all critical components of the business analysis process

are incorporated into the structured plan

• Address complexity though application of the BA Framework

Essential Components

For this assignment, use insights from the Pulse of the Profession: Navigating Complexity. Based on your reading and the

insights gained this week, identify – for each category of complexity – specific issues to be addressed. Then, using the format

of the Business Analysis Plan, determine how this plan can be used to address the project’s complexity elements. You may

choose how to document your assignment. The following table shows the minimum requirements for the assignment:

Complexity Characteristic Provide explanation for why this was

chosen and how it affects this project

What sections of the BAP can help

address this complexity?

Include the Section(s) and an

explanation for how it will be focused

Response one | Nursing homework help

   Someone pursuing a future as a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner should make understanding the details of the healthcare delivery system a priority. By developing a deep understanding of how the American healthcare system works, healthcare providers and prescribers can best cater to their individual patients based on their insurance coverage. Although the Affordable Care Act sought to ensure that all Americans receive reasonably priced and adequate health coverage, years later there are, unfortunately, still millions of Americans uninsured, and those who are insured may experience great variability with what their plans cover. Furthermore, with millions of uninsured people becoming newly insured, as well as policy changes varying with presidential administrations, many Americans may have difficulty understanding their health coverage benefits and limits. It is important for health care providers to have a thorough understanding of this system so that they can educate their patients, individualize their treatment, and advocate on their behalf (McGee & Breslin, 2021). Another reason why it is important for nurse practitioners to fully understand the healthcare delivery system is because it varies from state to state. Depending where a provider lives, his or her ability to render the care he or she aims to provide may be hindered or supported. For example, providers may encounter struggles working with individuals with substance use disorders in states that did not expand Medicaid. Prescribers in these states have reported more difficulty in prescribing buprenorphine for the purpose of treating opioid use disorder. Therefore, it is important for prescribers to develop an understanding of the healthcare delivery system at both federal and state levels (Knudsen & Studts, 2017).


Knudsen, H.K. & Studts, J.L. (2017). Perceived impacts of the Affordable Care Act:

Perspectives of buprenorphine prescribers. Journal of psychoactive drugs, 49(2), 111–121.

 McGee, B.T. & Breslin, S.E. (2021). The Affordable Care Act 10 years in: What nursing

leaders should know. Nurse Leader, 19(1), 57-61.

Related diversification | Computer Science homework help

 Related Diversification. Related Diversification is the most popular distinction between the different types of diversification and is made with regard to how close the field of diversification is to the field of the existing business activities. Related Diversification occurs when a company adds to or expands its existing line of production or markets. For this assignment, consider your own company or one that you know well. Assume your company opted to pursue a strategy of related diversification and respond to the following questions. 

  • What industries or product categories could it diversify into that would allow it to achieve economies of scale?
  • Identify at least two or three such industries or product categories?
  • Describe the specific kinds of cost savings that might accrue from entry into each?

Merchants of doubt | Biology homework help



– What is the goal of the climate change deniers in the movie (hint – use title of movie)?  Describe how this goal is achieved using two examples from the movie. 

– Describe two unethical practices of climate change deniers that were highlighted in the movie.  How do you think these practices have affected the climate change discussion?

Oregon Petition & Climategate Discussion

– Just before the Kyoto Negotiations, the Oregon Petition was created to attack the climate change science.  Just before the Copenhagen Summit, there were the attacks from Climategate.

– What was the Oregon Petition as described in the movie?  How many “scientists who specialize in climate science” actually signed this document?  See the first paragraph at this link (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.)What was Climategate as described in the movie or in your textbook?  Which of the tactics explained at the following link is used to promote the Climategate allegations?  How so? (Links to an external site.)

Deniers that Switched

– The movie discussed two climate change deniers that changed their views and became important spokesman in the fight against climate change.

– Who was the Director of Skeptic Society and what caused him to change his views on climate change?

– Who was the very conservative Congressman from South Carolina and what caused him to change his views on climate change?

Think Tanks and Institutes

– The movie discussed several “think tanks” that were created specifically to promote specific views, often so their founding organizations could be anonymous.

– The Cato Institute created the NIPCC.  What does NIPCC stand for and why was it created?  Did they do any new scientific work?

– Who was the CEO of the George C. Marshall Institute?  What industry was he a registered lobbyist for?  What was the goal of this institute?

Russian Arctic

– Near the end of the movie, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who was the CEO of ExxonMobile at the time was shown shaking hands with Vladimir Putin.  What actions were planned to take place as a result of this agreement?  How did Climate Change allow this to occur? While this particular deal is no longer intact, there is much contention between nations over who will have access to arctic drilling rights.

Personal Review of “Merchants of Doubt”

– After watching “Merchants of Doubt”, discuss how YOU think we can move beyond the questions and controversies that this movie brings out.  (100-200 words minimum)   

Mgm335ip2 | MGM335 Organizational Behavior Principles | Colorado Technical University

3–5 pages (not including cover page and resource page), APA 6 format, in-text citation,Use at least two (2) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used.   Please use the case study as a reference.

The link to the mentioned case study is provided below. **

Assignment Details

As organizations grow, they begin to develop organizational behaviors that are comprised of employee personalities and values. Organizational behaviors can change for a number of reasons, including: new management, external factors forcing change within the company, or a shift in the company’s goals. The company’s organizational culture is continuously evolving and is determined by the actions of the leadership team.

Read the case study titled Elevating Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Case Study. Access the case study by using this link.**

Then, answer the following:

  • Explain how an organization’s future plans impact the organizational culture.
  • Discuss how organizational behavior concepts apply in the case study.
  • How do the events in the case study affect the employees’ daily work tasks?

Access the assignment template by clicking here.

Include 1–3 references to support your work.

**Link to case study titled Elevating Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Case Study.’s-Workforce-to-Meet-Tomorrows-Challenges.pdf

Case analysis 2 page | Management homework help

In your groups, you will analyze the Starbucks case.  The case can be found in the  “12 Most Popular Cases” which is in Connect.  YOU MUST READ THE CASE IN THE TEXT NOT INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET.

You  will refer to page 460 of the text – How to Conduct a Case Analysis and you will analyze Starbucks based on the Strategic Management Process – Analysis, Formulation and Implementation (AFI).  Please refer to  pages 461-463

1. Perform an External environment analysis
    analyze the points listed on page 461 

How do your beliefs define who you are?


Consider what you’ve learned this week about the beliefs that we hold and how they affect how we think. Then, think about how these beliefs define you.

Some people define themselves by their possessions, religious beliefs, abilities, or other factors. “Defining yourself” is a topic about which you may have a difficult time thinking objectively. Part of understanding philosophy is knowing how you view the world. This will be key to your assignments later in the course.

For this week’s discussion, choose one question below and respond in 5–7 sentences:

  • Describe how you define yourself to others. Be specific.
  • Describe how you define yourself to yourself. Be specific.
  • Describe how you think others might define you. Be specific.