Christian worship and sacraments 6 – 7 pages

These are the questions and there is also an attachment. 

What were the intentions/goals of the Second Vatican Council in writing Sacrosanctum Concilium?

 What is meant by “active participation”? What does this tell us about the way Catholics should pray? 

What do you believe were the intentions of the Council Fathers in regard to the reform of the liturgy? 

How and why was the rite of the Mass revised? 

What does Sacrosanctum Concilium intend with regard to Latin and the vernacular? 

What does Sacrosanctum Concilium prescribe with regard to the other sacraments? 

After reading Sacrosanctum Concilium, do you think Vatican II sought a restoration or reformation of sacred liturgy? 

As discussed in Part Four of The Spirit of the Liturgy, what is Ratzinger’s view of the liturgical changes of the Second Vatican Council (of which he was a part)? What does he say about “active participation”? 

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challenger space shuttle disaster analysis

Assignment 1: Discussion—Exploring Potential Research Topics

Based on your business experience, the information accumulated in this course, and the University online library resources, identify three possible research topics related to the subject of the course. What managerial problems or opportunities would each of the three studies address?

Provide a short description for each research topic, highlighting the following:  

  • The problem or opportunity in organizations that needs to be addressed
  • The purpose of the research
  • The question(s) that, if answered, will help in solving the problem or seizing the opportunity

Write your initial response in a minimum of 400 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

By Friday, February 7, 2014, post your responses to the appropriate Discussion Area.


Assignment 2: Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster Analysis

For this assignment, you will apply the concepts of the four-frame approach to management decisions and write a report.

Background Overview:

In many professions, leaders have to confront very complex challenges and the results can fall well below everyone’s expectations. The disasters with the Challenger and the Columbia Space Shuttles portray situations where bad decision making led to disasters that changed the history of space exploration. In your professional life, you may be subjected to many complex problems. A critical assessment of the four frames can make the difference between success and failure.

To prepare for this assignment, read the following article (and any other ones related to these accidents) in order to construct the “big picture” that will allow you to conduct your analysis:


  1. Identify the frame(s) used by the leaders in the Challenger and Columbia situations (i.e., Structure, HR, Political, and Symbolic).
  1. Review the choice of frames made by the management in those situations. Explain if the situation with the space shuttles occurred due to management choosing the wrong frame, an incorrect application of a given frame, or for other reasons.
  1. If you were the person in charge of the Challenger and Columbia, recommend what other frame(s) you would have considered in the decision-making process. For your recommendations, take into account the constraints faced at the time of the events. Justify your answer using the characteristics of each frame from your readings.
  1. Based on your recommendation made in the previous question, explain how you would address the Challenger and Columbia situations using a different frame or a combination of them.

Write a 2–3-page report in Word format. Utilize at least two scholarly sources in your research. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


By Monday, February 10, 2014, deliver your assignment 

A. draw the hierarchy chart and then plan the logic for a program

a. Draw the hierarchy chart and then plan the logic for a program needed by the sales manager of The Henry Used Car Dealership. The program will determine the profit on any car sold. Input includes the sale price and actual purchase price for a car. The output is the profit, which is the sale price minus the purchase price. Use three modules. The main program declares global variables and calls housekeeping, detail, and end- of- job modules. The housekeeping module prompts for and accepts a sale price. The detail module prompts for and accepts the purchase price, computes the profit, and displays the result. The end- of- job module displays the message Thanks for using this program. b. Revise the profit- determining program so that it runs continuously for any number of cars. The detail loop executes continuously while the sale price is not 0; in addition to calculating the profit, it prompts the user for and gets the next sale price. The end- of- job module executes after 0 is entered for the sale price.

As – strategy | Computer Science homework help

Assume you are a security professional. You are determining which of the following backup strategies will provide the best protection against data loss, whether from disk failure or natural disaster:

  • Daily full server backups with hourly incremental backups
  • Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) with periodic full backups
  • Replicated databases and folders on high-availability alternate servers

Answer the following question(s):

  • Which backup strategy would you adopt? Why?

Fully address the question(s) in this discussion; provide valid rationale for your choices, where applicable, be sure to include three questions.

500 words

APA format with references needed.

Psychotropic drug that is metabolized by cyp450


For this assignment, you will choose one psychotropic drug that is metabolized by CYP450 enzymes and complete the following steps:

  • Create a brief PowerPoint presentation,hypothesizing the outcome of prescribing your chosen drug in the presence of its CYP450 inhibitor and inducer.
  • Answer the following questions:
  • What are examples of drugs that will inhibit and induce the psychotropic drug you chose to study? What will happen, e.g., side effects, symptoms in the patient if the psychotropic drug was prescribed along with either its (1) inhibitor or (2) inducer?
  • For which CYP450 enzyme/s is it a substrate?
  • What are the pharmacokinetic considerations when prescribing this medication (absorption, distribution, elimination)? Dietary considerations? Dosing times

All work solver | Education homework help

Respond to Christian and Heather post and share your observations regarding the government and corruption in the country. Ask questions to encourage further considerations.

Christian post

Chosen country: Japan

Government overview (Central Intelligence Agency, 2021)

Government type                                         Parliament Constitutional Monarchy

Political Leader(s)                                         Emperor: NARUHITO

                                                                         Prime Minister: Yoshihide SUGA

                                                                         Deputy Prime Minister: Taro ASO

Political Pressures (or Opposition) Groups Business groups, trade unions

Recent Changes in Governing Rule        Yoshihide became Prime minister in September 2020

Corruption (Transparency International, 2021)

Bribe Index                                             Rank: 4/28

                                                                    Score: 8.6/10

Corruption Perception Index                      Rank: 19/180

                                                                   Score: 74/100

OECD Anti-Bribery Convention           Enforcement: Moderate

Control of Corruption                          Rank: 19/180

Business Observations

According to the bribe index Japan is at a very low risk. Showing Improvement from past years.

With a CPI rank of 19/180 makes japan a slight risk for corruption. It’s not something to be counted. With such a low-risk companies should be eerie but not completely worried. Compared to other countries they are very low-risk.

The lack of transparency in public information regarding corruption/bribery may pose a risk for companies deciding to do business with Japan.

The OECD Anti-Bribery Conventions lack of government support could be very alarming as well.

Heather post

Chosen Country: Italy

Government Overview (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015)

Government Type                                                Parliamentary Republic

Political Leader(s)                                                President Sergio Mattarella (Since Feb 3, 2015)

Political Pressure (or Opposition) Groups          -Democratic Party or PD (Enrico Letta)

                                                                            -Forza Italia or FI (Silvio Berlusconi)

                                                                            -Brothers of Italy (Giorgia Meloni)

                                                                        -Free and Equal (Liberi e Uguali) or LeU (Pietro Grasso)

Recent Changes in Governing Rule                In 2019, Italy’s Parliament voted to reduce the number

                                                                        of Senate seats from 315 to 200. Reduce the number of 

                                                                        Chamber of Deputies seats from 630 to 400.

Corruption (Transparency International, 2015)

Bribe Index                                                                      Rank:     


Corruption Perception Index                                           Rank: 52/180 (2020)   61/168 (2015)

                                                                                        Score: 53/100 (2020)   44/100 (2015)

OECD Anti-Bribery Convention                                       Enforcement: Active

Control of Corruption                                                       Rank: 62% in 2019


Jorge post

In this week’s discussion I am going to talk about the unemployment and reemployment issues military members and veterans have faced in the past after serving time in the US military and why the Uniform Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) was enacted.

Act in Response to the conclusion of the cold war and the restructuring of the US Military, 1994 the US Congress Enacted a statute to promote a noncareer military Service. It prohibited employment discrimination and minimized potential harm to civilian careers and employment. In other words, the government was offering the civilians to serve our country when they were needed without affecting the employees’ career or finding employment. That is why the congress enacted (USERRA) To protect the members of the reserve expanding the forces and having they available when the country needed them to serve with no employment consequence.

USERRA Has reduced the interference to the lives of citizens performing support in the uniform service and it has made it more secure for us and our families. Reassuring stability after military service and returning to our civilian lives.

Amelia post

The subject of wage inequality between genders remains a contentious issue in the United States despite the Equal Pay Act passed in 1963 (McAnallen, 2015). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earn 76% of what their male counterparts earn in the U.S (McAnallen, 2015). While this wage discrepancy had reduced over the years since 1970 when it was 62%, it reflects the long journey in attaining equal wages for the same work done irrespective of the gender or race of the employee. The wage gap is even bigger for Hispanic and black women. Hispanic women earn 56 cents while black women earn 64 cents to the one dollar paid to their white men counterparts (McAnallen, 2015).

           Numerous reasons explain why the gender pay disparity persists ranging from traditional gender roles to employer discrimination (Groh, 2020). Although the Equal Pay Act was enacted to solve the issue of gender inequality pay, more efforts need to be put into place. Discriminatory wages cause everyone to suffer economic loss. Eliminating the gender wage disparity calls for individuals, companies, culture, and politics (Groh, 2020). 

           In order to solve the problem of gender pay disparity, the United States Congress enacted the Equal Pay Act in 1963 (McAnallen, 2015). The law made it unlawful for companies and individual employers to pay women lower remunerations than their male counterparts for equal tasks that require the same responsibility, effort, and skill. The act also gives a cause of action for employees who experience such unfair treatment. In 1964, the U.S Congress also passed the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting employment disparity based on gender, race, age, or class status. This law disallows discernment in workplaces based on gender and is also employed to address wage discrimination assertions.


Conduct a web search to identify online resources for the community you have selected for your final project (MENTAL HEALTH) You may also wish to utilize any of the local community sites you identified in this module’s discussion topic. Write a journal assignment about how an issue affects your chosen community (or another community of interest) using the 3-4-50 framework. Use the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency for more information about the 3-4-50 framework. Look for these particular reports as you review health department websites: morbidity/mortality report, infectious disease report, and community health assessment.

  • Describe how the chosen issue impacts the community.
  • Apply the 3-4-50 framework as you craft your reflection.
  • Utilize data from health department websites.

Medical billing | Nursing homework help

This week’s assignment involves the coding of 3 case studies followed by the completion of the bottom portion of the CMS 1500 claim form.  This part of the claim form is for your practice in documenting the CPT codes and the ICD-10 codes that meet the requirement for medical necessity. We are going to pretend that the 3 fictitious case studies are being performed in an outpatient surgical facility. Download this fillable CMS 1500 claim form.  It is important that you decide which of the CPT codes should be listed first and second.  This information is covered for you in both the lecture and in the PowerPoint.  While you might not look up the RVUs for every procedure when working as a billing specialist, this is a good foundation activity that will help to instill in you the ability to choose the CPT codes that are the most labor intensive.

Connect the CPT code on a claim form with the ICD-10 code that demonstrates medical necessity.

Please use the information from each case study to complete a separate form.  You only need to fill in the following numbered boxes on the claim form.

17 – The physician’s name

21 – The ICD-10 codes (these are the codes that you will indicate by their letters A-L)

24 A – The DOS – Enter eight-digit date with spaces (MM DD YYYY).

24 D – The CPT code and up to four modifiers

24 E – the ICD-10 indicator, which will be the letter of the code in box 21 of the ICD-10 codes that shows medical necessity for each CPT code.

Case Study 1: Dr. Bones

DOS 02-17-2020

A Grade I, high velocity open right femur shaft fracture was incurred when a 15-year-old female pedestrian was hit by a car. She was taken to the operating room within four hours of her injury for thorough irrigation and debridement, including excision of devitalized bone. The patient was then reprepped, redraped, and repositioned. Intramedullary rodding was then carried out with proximal and distal locking screws.

Codes to use:

11012 Intramedullary rod, RVU = 6.87

27506, RVU = 19.65

Modifier -51 needs to be added to your second listed CPT code

ICD-10 = S72.309B

Case Study 2: Dr. Cystspur

DOS 02-15-2020

An elderly female presented with increasing pain in her left dorsal foot. The patient was brought to the operating room, at which time she was placed under general anesthesia. A curvilinear incision was centered over the lesion itself. Soft tissue dissection was carried down through to the ganglion. The ganglion was clearly identified as a gelatinous material. It was excised directly off the bone and sent to pathology. There was noted to be a large bony spur at the level of the 1st metatarsal. Using double action rongeurs, the spur itself was removed and sequestrectomy was performed. Following that, a rasp was utilized to smooth the bone surface. The eburnated bony surface was then covered, utilizing bone wax. The wound was irrigated and closed in layers.

Codes to use:

28122 – RVU = 6.76

28090 – RVU = 4.55

Modifier -51 needs to be added to your second listed CPT code

ICD-10 codes:

M77.32 bone spur

M67.472 ganglion left foot

Case Study 3: Dr. Nodes

DOS 02-16-2020

An operative report lists excisional bilateral biopsies of deep cervical nodes and biopsy of right deep axillary nodes as the procedures performed. The pathology report comes back confirming lymphadenitis.

Codes to Use:

38525-RT axillary – RVU = 6.43

38510 cervical – RVU = 6.74 x 2

Modifier -51 needs to be added to your second listed CPT code

Modifier -50 needs to be added to the bilateral procedure

ICD-10 codes:

L04.9 bilateral Cervical

L04.2 right axillary


6051- discussion wk5 | Nursing homework help


Discussion: Big Data Risks and Rewards

When you wake in the morning, you may reach for your cell phone to reply to a few text or email messages that you missed overnight. On your drive to work, you may stop to refuel your car. Upon your arrival, you might swipe a key card at the door to gain entrance to the facility. And before finally reaching your workstation, you may stop by the cafeteria to purchase a coffee.

From the moment you wake, you are in fact a data-generation machine. Each use of your phone, every transaction you make using a debit or credit card, even your entrance to your place of work, creates data. It begs the question: How much data do you generate each day? Many studies have been conducted on this, and the numbers are staggering: Estimates suggest that nearly 1 million bytes of data are generated every second for every person on earth.

As the volume of data increases, information professionals have looked for ways to use big data—large, complex sets of data that require specialized approaches to use effectively. Big data has the potential for significant rewards—and significant risks—to healthcare. In this Discussion, you will consider these risks and rewards.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and reflect on the web article Big Data Means Big Potential, Challenges for Nurse Execs. (*****SEE LINK BELOW*****)
  • Reflect on your own experience with complex health information access and management and consider potential challenges and risks you may have experienced or observed.


Post a description of at least one potential benefit of using big data as part of a clinical system and explain why. Then, describe at least one potential challenge or risk of using big data as part of a clinical system and explain why. Propose at least one strategy you have experienced, observed, or researched that may effectively mitigate the challenges or risks of using big data you described. Be specific and provide examples.

Sixoadv6 | Nursing homework help


Nursing is a very highly regulated profession. There are over 100 boards of nursing and national nursing associations throughout the United States and its territories. Their existence helps regulate, inform, and promote the nursing profession. With such numbers, it can be difficult to distinguish between BONs and nursing associations, and overwhelming to consider various benefits and options offered by each.

Both boards of nursing and national nursing associations have significant impacts on the nurse practitioner profession and scope of practice. Understanding these differences helps lend credence to your expertise as a professional. In this Assignment, you will practice the application of such expertise by communicating a comparison of boards of nursing and professional nurse associations. You will also share an analysis of your state board of nursing.. Assume that you are leading a staff development meeting on regulation for nursing practice at your healthcare organization or agency. Review the NCSBN and ANA websites to prepare for your presentation.

The Assignment: (8- to 9-slide PowerPoint presentation)

Develop a 8- to 9-slide PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the following:

  • Describe the differences between a board of nursing and a professional nurse association.
  • Describe the board for your specific region/area.
    • Who is on the board?
    • How does one become a member of the board?
  • Describe at least one state regulation related to general nurse scope of practice.
    • How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?
    • How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?
  • Describe at least one state regulation related to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).
    • How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?
    • How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?

5-2 project two milestone: comparison analysis | PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE | Southern New Hampshire University



In preparation for your report in Project Two, you will need to calculate the financial ratios needed to determine your chosen business’s current financial health. Once you’ve calculated these ratios, the results will be used to analyze the business’s current financial position and help them make decisions about how to improve or maintain their financial health. Pay particular attention to working capital management. If liquidity is an issue, consider how the company will meet its short-term obligations.


Using the Project Two Financial Formulas spreadsheet and the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement from Mergent Online for your chosen company, calculate the financial ratios for the most recent fiscal quarter. Then, compare those ratios with the same ratios for the same fiscal quarter from one year prior in Mergent Online, and analyze your results.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Financial Calculations: Calculate accurate financial ratios to assess the business’s current financial health. Specifically, calculate the following ratios:
    • Working capital
    • Current ratio
    • Debt ratio
    • Earnings per share
    • Price/earnings ratio
    • Total asset turnover ratio
    • Financial leverage
    • Net profit margin
    • Return on assets
    • Return on equity
  • Fiscal Quarter Comparison: Using Mergent Online, summarize the differences between the results from your financial calculations of the most recent fiscal quarter and the results of the same financial calculations of the same fiscal quarter from a year before for your chosen business.
    • For example, if the most recent fiscal quarter available is the 3rd quarter in 2020, then you will compare those results to the same financial calculations from the 3rd quarter in 2019.
  • Comparison Analysis: Explain what the results of your calculations and your comparison indicate about the business’s current financial health, providing examples to support your explanation. You might consider the following questions:
    • Do the results indicate the business is financially healthy or financially unhealthy? Which results indicate this?
    • What might be the cause(s) of the business’s financial success or failure?
    • Is more information needed to determine the business’s financial health? If so, which pieces of information might still be needed?
  • Short-Term Financing: Explain how potential short-term financing sources could help the business raise needed funds to improve its financial health. Base your response on the business’s current financial information.

The following resources can help you complete this milestone:

Video: Mergent Online: Public Company Financials (4:46)
Watch this video from the Shapiro Library to learn more about how to access and use Mergent Online. Although this video shows information on the ‘As Reported Currency’ page within the Company Financials tab, for the purposes of this course, the best option for locating financial data can be accessed by clicking on ‘Standardized’ beneath the ‘Company Financials’ tab. This will allow you to access the Standardized Annual Balance Sheet.

Shapiro Library FAQ: How Do I Cite a Company Profile From Mergent Online?
Use this resource to help answer any questions you have about citing from Mergent Online.

Guidelines for Submission

Your submission should be a 2 to 3 page Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. You must also submit the Project Two Financial Formulas spreadsheet (which you will fill in completely as part of your Project Two submission) and the Excel files for your downloaded balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement from Mergent Online.