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Immigration is in the news every day. State and local law enforcement’s role in the enforcement of federal immigration laws has reach a level where states and municipalities have passed laws prohibiting local law enforcement officers from assisting ICE. Select any criminal justice immigration related issue/story in the news this week. What, if any, public policy implications are associated with this story? Offer additional thoughts and opinions or related course material/references to support your assessment. Identify the source of the story and post a summary of the story. 150 words

An important goal of sentencing guidelines was to eliminate unwarranted disparity in sentencing. What will be the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision for making the federal sentencing guidelines voluntary and advisory rather than mandatory? Will these decisions lead to less uniformity and more disparity in sentencing, or will they enable judges to individualize justice in more appropriate ways? What if any policy implications are associated with this change? 150 words

What are some of the particular challenges associated with inmates with special needs in jail and prison populations? Analyze the implications of releasing the elderly, the mentally ill, and other special needs inmates back into society and discuss the necessary care or medical treatments after release. 150 words

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