Chapter 1 | Reading homework help

Question 1: Why is being perceived as having leadership qualities considered a compliment by most people?

Question 2: Give an example of how you have exerted leadership on or off the job in a situation in which you did not have a formal leadership position. Explain why you describe your activity as leadership.

Question 3: What would a boss of yours have to do to demonstrate that he or she is an effective leader and an effective manager?

Question 7: If so much useful information is available about leadership. why do we still find so many managers who cannot gain the respect of their subordinates?

Question 8: Considering that so many people of all ages do much of their communication with text messages, what would be wrong with leaders communicating with group members mostly through texting?

Question 9: A twenty-five-year-old manager of a branch of a fast-food restaurant was told by her boss that she was not an effective leader. She replied. Tor $29.000 a year. how can you expect me to be an effective leader?” What do you think of her argument?

Question 10: In what way might being an effective follower help prepare a person for becoming an effective leader?

Question 1: Which personality trait or traits in a leader have you found to be the most effective in dealing with you? Why?

Question 4: What would lead you to conclude that a leader was non-authentic (phony)? Question 5: Under what circumstances do you think it is acceptable for a leader to lose emotional control, such as ranting. swearing, or crying?

Question 7: Provide an example of a leader you have observed who appears to have good cognitive intelligence. yet is lacking in practical intelligence.

Question 10: Many people who disagree with the trait approach to leadership nevertheless still conduct interviews when hiring a person for a leadership position. Why is conducting such interviews inconsistent with their attitude toward the trait approach?