Civil liberties and civil rights presentation

Resources: Chapters 4 & 5 of the text, We the People.

  • Prepare one of the following:
    • A 750-1000 word APA-formatted Paper
    • Include 2 sources on your reference page in addition to your textbook
    • OR
    • A PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation with a minimum of 10 content slides
      • Include voiceover or a notes section for each slide
      • Include graphics, charts or graphs on each page
      • Provide a cohesive theme
      • Include a title and reference page
      • Include 2 sources in addition to your textbook


  • Select one important civil right or liberty to analyze
    • Research a Supreme Court decision on that right or liberty
    • Provide a brief history of the case.
    • What question was before the court?  How did it rule?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the court?
    • What were the effects of the ruling?
    • Would you make any changes to the ruling? Why? (Use data to support your position)

Format your references consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines. Include citations in the speaker notes or in a separate reference list.

Submit your presentation by clicking on the assignment in Canvas and uploading your document.


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