Cloud contract | Computer Science homework help

Part 1) Write a cloud provisioning contract using the below Cloud Provisioning Contract Structure  :

F1.1 Terms of Service        

 F1.1.1 Service Usage policy         

F1.1.2 Security and privacy policy         

F1.1.3 Warranties and Liabilities        

 F1.1.4 Rights and Responsibilities         

F1.1.5 Termination and Renewal    

F1.2 Specifications and SLAs    

F1.3 Pricing and Billing

F2. Cloud Provider selection guidelines

Make sure to write in that format and expecting around 3 to 5pages with minimum 2 references. 

Part 2)  View the attached document for directions to complete this assignment.   This assignment requires basic arithmetic to solve the problem  presented.  Use an Excel spreadsheet to complete this assignment.  Hint: The costs presented in chapter 15 are key.    

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