Collapse of an empire | World history homework help


Take an overall look at the image in the assessment. You will notice it contains quite a lot of action. Pay close attention to the things each character is doing and speculate about why they may be doing this.

You see a heavily fortified Constantinople in 1453 CE. Surrounding the city are tens of thousands of soldiers.

A Medieval battle scene in which several men wearing blue, yellow, or orange tunics and armor are attacking a tall castle. Some of the attackers have bows or swords and shields. Many are scaling the castle on ladders while defenders await them at the top with swords and daggers. Below, there are more men in ships and on horses waiting to attack.Public Domain

Part A: Analyze the image and respond to the reflection question in at least one paragraph.

    How does the event depicted in the painting reflect the fall of the Byzantine Empire?

        Be sure to describe the event shown (HINT: who, what, when, where).

        Include at least three details from the image in your answer (ex. How did soldiers enter Constantinople?).

Part B: Explain the impact of other causes, important events, and significant figures on the Byzantine empire in complete sentences.

    How did Justinian’s actions contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

    How did invading forces contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

    What impact did the Macedonian Empire have on the Byzantine empire?

    How did the Crusades contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

    How did trade with the Venetians contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire?

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