Compare and contrast an aspect of employment relations in any two Southeast Asian countries. What are the causes of the differences between the two?

Maximum length: 1950 words + incite citation+ reference list (minimum 7-8 high quality articles)

Essay question:

Compare and contrast an aspect of employment relations in any two Southeast Asian countries. What are the causes of the differences between the two?

You may choose any ONE topic or aspect of employment relations for this essay. I listed several suggestions for possible topics or aspects.

Suitable topics for comparison in the essay could include:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Strikes or industrial conflict
  • Regulatory standards and minimum wage
  • Maternity leave
  • Gender equity
  • Work-life balance
  • Teleworking

Guide on writings: Must follow, Do not be vague and generalised, please zoom in to the issues from the selected topic.

You must choose only one topic or aspect for the essay. But obviously, that topic or aspect can have various sub-topics to it.


The focus of the essay should be on answering the specific essay question you have been asked.


In your introduction, you should have a brief thesis statement, or answer to both parts of the question. That is, you need to explicitly say: in relation to this aspect of ER, the two countries are very similar/ or completely different/ or similar in some respects but different in others/ or whatever. You should also briefly state the main reasons why the two countries are similar/different/similar in some respects but different in others/whatever.



There is no specific requirement for you to necessarily discuss the role of the state or trade unions, unless you choose one of those topics/aspects. However, obviously the state plays a very significant role in shaping many aspects of employment relations in most countries, so you will probably need to discuss the role of the state for most topics. Similarly with trade unions: in considering why countries differ in regard to many aspects of ER, the role of unions will probably be relevant.