Compare three different methods to encrypt and protect data on Linux systems

Assignment Content
The “Sample PowerPoint” posted in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence website
Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 10 to 12 slides, including Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference slides. Includedetailedspeaker notes with each slide.
Scenario: You are onsite at Large Data, Inc., and ready to perform a security assessment. The client is very sensitive to how the media will react to a data breach. The client’s customers have already been calling requesting information on how their personal and private data is protected. Due to this, the client wants to avoid any future data breaches from all sources. As part of your job, you will be collecting sensitive information about the client. The client asks you to prepare a PowerPoint® presentation describing your security tools and protocols and how you are going to protect their information during and after the security assessment. Your task is to:
Review the Linux system security and encryption features and built-in capabilities from the discussion this week.
Thoroughly define the tools and commands required to implement a data encryption solution on Linux
Compare three different methods to encrypt and protect data on Linux systems
Identify the encryption technology available natively in Kali Linux.
Logically explain the tools used for hardening the Linux system, and compare two different tools, listing at least one advantage and one disadvantage for each
Briefly explain how to setup filesystem partitions to segment data
Accurately define a Python script, and provide one sample of a working Python script used in penetration testing
Thoroughly explain how to use Python to perform live system ping sweeps and capture network packets
All references need to adhere to APA guidelines, and images should not be copied unless author permission is obtained or copyright free images are used.

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