Compassion | Philosophy homework help

Reflect upon how in three great religions we have looked at, compassion is considered an essential value — among the highest of all values. In the two theistic religions, compassion is a very quality of God! In the non-theistic religion, compassion is at the highest level of ethical attainment.

This forum is NOT asking you to compare and contrast these traditions. It is asking, rather, to use the different angles they open up to enter more deeply into your own sensing of the meaning of compassion. (For example, every time I read the Dalai Lama’s description of “great compassion” I feel as if I understand the meaning of true compassion a little more deeply.) Each tradition brings something to the table.

Identify a key point about compassion from each of these traditions (quote and cite) and take some time to REFLECT upon the perspectives it opens up for you. Then return later and engage with what two of your classmates have said.

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