Compute a frequency table and histogram for each variable. Examples are shown in Chapter 17

 MBA 5652 Unit VII Discussion Board Question


Discuss three ways that researchers can help maximize the integrity of data files for research clients.



 MBA 5652 Unit VII Mini Project


Using the survey that you developed in Unit III, choose 10 people in your organization to respond to the survey. If you do not have personnel in your organization to respond or you do not get a favorable response, then you may create fictitious people to conduct the survey. Before disseminating the surveys, please pre-code the data (refer to Chapter 19, pp. 470- 471 or follow the example provided in the lecture).


Perform the following:

1. Create a data file using an Excel worksheet.

2. Compute descriptive statistics for the variable(s), and explain the measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion that are most appropriate for your study. Refer to the procedure for computing description statistics in Chapter 17, p. 410 of your textbook.

3. Create a pie chart with percentages. Click here to view a tutorial from the Success Center on descriptive statistics data and creating a histogram chart, pie chart, and other simple graphs.

4. Compute a frequency table and histogram for each variable. Examples are shown in Chapter 17.

5. Decide which measures of central tendency, spread, and graphical display would be most appropriate for the study.


Using the information above, write a one- to two-page paper explaining how the data will be analyzed. This section should begin with a brief introduction to the section and a description of the problem. You must also explain how the data will be coded and edited. Provide justification for the descriptive statistics that will be employed in the study. You will only need to submit the paper for this assignment. Please do not include data, results, or graphical displays.


The above activities are designed to help you explain the type of analysis that will be performed. Remember that the proposal is futuristic.


You must use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. All references used, including the textbook, must be cited.



NOTE: This assignment is part of the Unit VIII Research Proposal. This assignment must be submitted in sequence (i.e., Unit VII must be submitted and graded by the professor, who will provide feedback to the student before he or she can progress to the Unit VIII assignment). The student assignment will be graded according to the assigned rubric. The professor will grade and annotate items that need to be corrected by the student. This feedback from the professor will help the student correct any discrepancies before compiling this assignment to the Research Proposal. This will help t