Conduct a macro-environment analysis for the operating environment within which SingPost operates.

Conduct a macro-environment analysis for the operating environment within which SingPost operates.


Youmust use analytical tools/frameworksthat have been published in recognised scholarly publications.



Focuson developing and demonstrating:


•   an understanding of the purpose of thisanalysis


•    identification of key factors/forcesand their implicationsin termsof key opportunitiesand threats


•   determine the overall direction of the operating environment in the future.


Draw well reasoned conclusionsthat have been supported by analysisabout the nature of the macro-operating environment of SingPost. Use thisanalysisto inform later aspectsof your assignment.

i think for this question is to use “PESTLE” to analysis it ..
i think i just need 2 pages of it .
could u please do in this  format
 technological etc.
one last thing, i need 2-3 references will do.
I have attached the reference guide and please follow it strictly.
please read the file as attached and do visit Singapore Post ( website so you link the “PESTLE” back to the case study.
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