Conducting a job analysis for managerial jobs offers a significant  challenge to the analyst because of all of the following

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1. Question : The Functional Job Analysis assumes that jobs can be described in

terms of basic relationships that the incumbent has with his or her work. Which of the following in not one of those relationships?

Student Answer:

Physically relating to things

Using mental resources to process data

Interacting with the artificial intelligence of machines

Interacting with people

2. Question : All of the following are Big Five personality factors except:

Student Answer:


Emotional stability



3. Question : Conducting a job analysis for managerial jobs offers a significant

challenge to the analyst because of all of the following except:

Student Answer:

Disparity across positions

Disparity between managers

Disparity across levels in the hierarchy

Disparity across industries

4. Question : The most widely used technique in collecting data for job analysis is _________.

Student Answer:

the interview


the ncumbentire

the incumbent diary

5. Question : Which of the following is an indirect cost of a selection process?

Student Answer:

Interviewer’s salary

Changes in the organization’s public image

The price of the tests

Equipment used in a work sample test

6. Question : __________ addresses the questions of what a test measured and how

well it measured it.

Student Answer:



Interrator reliability


7. Question : Which law requires 60 days notice of plant closings?

Student Answer:

Worker Layoff and Plant Closing Act

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

Worker Relocation Amendment

Layoff Adjustment and Retraining Act

8. Question : Perspectives on the design of work can be classified into four major categories. Which of the following is not one of the categories?

Student Answer:

Perceptual-motor approach

Biological approach

Mechanistic approach

Linguistic approach

Motivational approach

9. Question : Many baby boomers are projected to keep working for all of the

following reasons except:

Student Answer:

There is no one available to take their place.

Insufficient retirement savings.

They define themselves by their work.

They are able to reduce the number of hours they work.

10. Question : The difference between the Delphi and nominal group technique

(NGT) is that:

Student Answer:

Delphi uses brainstorming and NGT doesn’t

NGT uses experts and Delphi doesn’t

Both methods allow equal input from participants

Delphi collects information individually and NGT uses a group setting

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