Could your interpersonal conversations be clearer and more interesting?

What vexes you about writing?

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Created by Dennis Winters on Sep 13, 2016 1:05 PM
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Ia “vexes” a word? When I worked in Trinidad, the word, vex was used when a person or a part of a car or just a social even “vexed” a person, caused confusion or just annoyance.

What is your “VEX EXPERIENCE” with writing? Grammar, sentence structure – too long or too short – spelling, lack of clarity … just what is a source of your own or your critic’s dissatisfaction?  Teachers are often saying how you “should not be so hard on your self.” I know that is intended to bring balance into your critique of your SELF…Here though, in this class we want a different approach: I would like you to have a new relationship to your writing and your self…Okay,  SELF, enough of the whipped cream covering the broccoli … I want to talk with you about what I am always doing wrong…I want to get this writing as right as I can…so where do WE start?  Like that…. You don’t want to be made to feel better; you want to get it straight. You want to know when and where you s and your self screw up the most often.

Don’t forget to check “Writing Coach” in resources…But, C’mon, ask me about verb agreement, screwed up paragraphs and poorly developed themes…Now look at your first module…so clear and to the point…begin doing the assignment, “I believe.”   Tell us about a central theme in your statement…what is it that you most believe? What is your mental and  social point of departure … Talk to your self about this…your self has been accessible to you for all but 18 or so months…”it” wants you to be better; some brain scientists call it your “protagonist” self.”  Talk it over with that entity…your first and longest friend … do both of you want to write better? Think better? Express better.?.. Could your interpersonal conversations be clearer and more interesting? … You KNOW you will have to be better in graduate school at all this writing construction. …This course has been written for you and they have hired me to make it real for you. .. Start thinking about the central point that has developed the way you look at the world and the way you take the world on and make it work each and ever day…No I Phones, no other people…just you and your self without distraction…think. think. think.