Court case/laws | American history homework help

 Please do 2 assignments!!!

1. Write up a reflection (1 page) do you agree or disagree with the type of change maker you have been identified as. 

2. Research a significant court case for the Asian American Community.  

The topic will be of your choice via the cases listed

Final Draft should include the following ()

A problem statement (1 page on what is the root issue and cause of this case)

The issue’s significance (Court Case/Law), with three bullet points about the issue’s importance 

  • the extent of the problem, 
  • its racial inequality, 
  • its severe consequence or its trend

Display the main points and court case with a self-drawn (via computer is acceptable) and designed infographic organizing the court case and three main points. 

Citations with a comparison of the research sources’ validity 

Writing and Format will also be graded (MLA or APA format)