. create a diagram of the u.s. banking system and the federal reserve


. Create a diagram of the U.S. banking system and the Federal Reserve System. Include special financial services of the banking system in your diagram. Be creative in this activity. Pretend you have you have been asked to teach the structure and interrelationships of the systems to someone else.

2. List and define all terms contained in the diagram created in step 1.

The Word doc that I included is a graphic organizer that will help you make the diagram.

You must use this link for all the work: https://media.pearsoncmg.com/pls/in/connections/1269367943/ebookCM49845627/1.0/htmls/index.html

Topic 1: Money

pp. 388–390

Summary p. 407, #1

Review p. 408, #1 and 2

Topic 2: Financial Institutions and Services

pp. 390–396

Summary, p. 407, #2 and 3

Review p. 408, #3

Topic 3: Federal Reserve System

pp. 396–399

Summary p. 407, #4

Review p. 408, #4 and 5

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