Crime analysis pj ending | ENF450_200 Crime Analysis

This week you will discuss the personnel found within a crime analysis unit. What roles do the various people fill? What qualifications are needed for each role? Before your police chief hires anyone, he or she will want to ensure that they hire the right people, with the right qualifications.

Activity Instructions

  1. Describe the different types of positions in a crime analysis unit. What are the roles and responsibilities
  2. Provide different crime analyst job descriptions (3) for staffing unit. What do they require, in terms of training and experience?
  3. Explain the roles of sworn officers or non-sworn civilian employees.
  4. Are there benefits to hiring sworn officers (experience in the field) vs. non-sworn employees (computer skills, crime analysis training/certification)?
  5. What are the costs/risks associated with hiring sworn officers vs. non-sworn employees?
  6. In your conclusion, provide recommendations to the police chief.

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