Currently, I am receptive to findings that do not agree with my assumptions.

For my current project, there are several assumptions that I have that the evidence will reveal to be true. For example, I assume that the evidence will show that lifestyle modifications are more effective than blood pressure medications at lowering blood pressure (Zheng et al., 2019). This is true if it is done in the right way. I also believe that the research will show that there blood pressure can be managed with simple lifestyle modifications and results will be seen in as little as three months and will not take a full year.

Receptive to Other Research Findings

Currently, I am receptive to findings that do not agree with my assumptions. For example, there may be studies that indicate lifestyle factors that do not show as much influence on blood pressure (Victor et al., 2018). Also, there may be studies that show that medications are more effective at lowering blood pressure compared to lifestyle interventions. It is important for a nurse to take into contrary points of view when looking at the truth of research and implementing it into practice (Gray et al., 2017). Evidence based practice must be viewed from multiple viewpoints on an issue for the highest quality evidence.

Forming my Own Conclusions

In terms of my current research, I have not yet formed all conclusions about my topic. However, doing the research and examining each study, gives the reader a strong indication of the current literature and based off of that some early conclusions may be drawn. I currently am looking for both evidence that supports my claim for the research project and contrary evidence to understand all current points of views. This is done to examine multiple aspects of the research question.