Cyb/360 week 2 learning team

This week your team must determine the locations of the wireless access points for the International Plastics, Inc., corporate headquarters.

Download and review the Visio® document “IPP Corporate,” which provides the physical layout of International Plastics, Inc., corporate headquarters, as well as the network description document “International Plastics Description” and “International Plastics Inc Network Headquarters Diagram.”

Applying your knowledge of wireless signals, discuss as a team how the office’s physical environment affects the placement of the wireless access points.

Determine the necessary locations of wireless access points to meet the objectives of the project (coverage, performance, etc.).

Add the WAP locations to the Visio® document “IPP Corporate Week 2” and number them for clarity. You will submit the revised Visio® document as the assignment.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

customer onboarding framework
let’s talk about onboarding metrics
customer success metrics
customer onboarding best practices
b2b customer onboarding best practices

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