Describe below in a 1-2 page essay format/ APA/ Times New Roman/12pg font/ Double Spaced

Describe below in a 1-2 page essay format/ APA/ Times New Roman/12pg font/ Double Spaced


The Hunter Douglas organization had its origin in 1919 when Henry Sonnenberg started a machinery distribution and manufacturing company in Germany. In 1946, the two highly creative minds of Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter developed a new technology for producing Venetian blinds. Their innovative new product design quickly gained leadership in the American marketplace and Hunter Douglas, as we know it today, resulted. The company has been an industry leader for over half a century now. This organization gives claim for its success to the skills and talents of the 15,000 individuals who work for it.

Examine the information to be found on this organization’s Website. Prepare a two-page report indicating your responses to the following questions. You should be prepared to discuss your findings within the class. How much importance does Hunter Douglas place on workplace safety? Identify how this company addresses issues of workplace safety. What organization of the government assists companies with workplace safety compliance? After perusal of this Website, create hypothetical situations with proposed resolutions for Hunter Douglas that deal with the following issues: sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, and reasonable accommodation. Since Hunter Douglas is a global organization, can such issues impact upon the global operations? How?


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created in the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. An independent federal agency, the EEOC is responsible for enforcing most of the EEO laws. The EEOC has three major responsibilities: investigating and resolving discrimination complaints, gathering information, and issuing guidelines.

Explore this informative Website and gather information to respond to following questions. What appears to be the trend in Charge Statistics? Identify three top categories for charges. Explore the stats on Equal Pay Act. What methods are used in resolving these charges and how successful are the resolving efforts? Explain. What training opportunities does EEOC offer? Do you believe businesses and individuals take advantage of these training? Explain.

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