Describe the four domains of Human Resources.Which domain is most significant and why?

Week 6_ Discussion ( 2 portions)

Portion 1- (DUE TOMORROW)

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

Explain and give at least five examples of ways entrepreneurs can use small size—familiarity, flexibility, and informality—to improve their HR processes.
Describe the four domains of Human Resources.Which domain is most significant and why?
Both bullet points must be addressed in the same post. Do not separate them and create two posts.

Portion 2 ( DUE SATURDAY)

Read and respond to at least two of your classmate’s discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback or suggestion

** 175 Words for response to post**

** 125 Words for each reply, Total of 250 Words**

Week 6_ Assignment

Scenario: ABC Company, a midsize organization founded in 2010, is a health care company specializing in hospital products. ABC employs approximately 600 employees. The company is currently doing business in the Midwestern states.

The new president, Jason Fenwick, is eager to take the organization to the next level of performance. Jason’s plan is to grow the business through entry into the medical device business. Cultural considerations for the growth strategy include:

A passion for innovation, expansion, and growth
Collaboration and teamwork
A discovery mindset
Drive and a bias for action
ABC has established a track record of success. Financial goals have been reached every year for the past five years. The health care industry continues to experience extraordinary change and Jason senses that the time is right to expand the footprint of ABC through entering a new market, the medical device business.

With the new strategic direction in mind, Jason has recruited you from a major competitor of ABC, as the new Vice President of Human Resources. You were selected based on your outstanding performance, innovative approach to HR as demonstrated in your former organization, and your bias for action and results. Jason admires your strategic skills and proven accomplishments.

Jason is excited to move forward and has requested a proposal from you about your best thinking in aligning the HR function with the new strategic direction. Keep in mind, skills for entering into the medical devices business are not currently possessed within the workforce. This will impact the approach to Talent Acquisition and Retention.

Develop the proposal requested by Jason, include the following seven considerations:

Synthesize what you learned from being in charge of HR for a small business that you would like to try to implement at ABC.
Analyze the challenges of working in HR for a larger business like ABC that need to be addressed to better align the HR function with the new strategic direction.
Evaluate each HR functional area to determine what changes will be needed to align with and support the new strategic direction (Refer to Appendix B for assistance):
Functional Area #1: Talent Acquisition & Retention
Functional Area #3: Learning & Development
Functional Area #4: Total Rewards
Functional Area #6: Organizational Effectiveness & Development
Functional Area #11: Diversity & Inclusion
Functional Area #15: Business & HR Strategy
Integrate the cultural considerations discussion important to Jason into the proposal.
Create a business case that includes the business objectives you hope to achieve by aligning the HR organization with the new strategic direction, with a strong focus on growth.
Analyze legal and ethical considerations related to the functional areas covered.
Create 3 to 5 frequently asked questions(FAQ) with answers in preparation for discussions with other members of Jason’s executive leadership team.
Research information on HR strategic planning proposals using the internet and University Library.

Design a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal to respond request made by Jason.

Write the plan in the third-person voice.

Use the bullet points in the assignment as an organizational tool to develop headings (the exact wording of headings is your choice) that will signal the topics and keep your document organized.

Submit your assignment.


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