Develop a topic for your thesis


                                                                 Thesis Topic

In 800 words create a Thesis Topic using examples from the provided books, then answer the following questions. 

Books: Book 1 ( A Research Primer for Technical Communication)  book 2 (Research Methodology)

1. Conduct a web search for 5 sources (2 Peer Reviews source and 3 Google search sources) on the technology topic: Cyber Security. 

2.  Use the two attached Peer Review articles for the Peer Review sources. 

3. State the keywords that you used for your research. 

4. Why did you choose this topic?

5. what are you experiencing in your day-to-day operation regards to Cyber Security.

6. What are some questions you may consider about your topic?

7. Formulate a possible research problem around that topic

8. What are some questions you may consider about your topic?

9. Explore possible variables, state them, then construct a hypothesis for your research problem. 

10. What challenges did you face on your web searches from the sources stated above. 

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