Develop Performance Standards for your current job or a job you are familiar with

A research paper (8 pgs. double spaced, MLA format, in-text citations, works cited page does not count toward the 8 pages) based on an “peer reviewed academic research” article will be required on a current issue in Human Resources.  Papers will be graded not only on content, but context as well.  The paper is worth 100 points.  (Further instructions will be given.)  The research paper is due at the beginning of the class period on the date stated.  Late papers will not be accepted.

Possible Topics (select one):

1. Analyze a current topic in Human Resources Management that is supported by one, no more than two, article(s) from a recent academic journal. Topics must be approved in advance by the instructor.

2. Describe three (3) personal “HR Stories” that are supported by one, no more than two, recent academic journal article(s) and your experience with the HR stories.

Paper format:

Possible In-Class Exercises:

1. Prepare a job analysis (your job or one you previously held).
2. Prepare a recruiting and selection plan for your job.
3. Prepare a performance appraisal for your job.
4. Prepare a compensation plan for your job.
5. Prepare a grievance procedure.


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– Develop Performance Standards for your current job or a job you are familiar with.


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Examples are below:


I like to work in the bank because I had been working four years in Sabb Bank in my city in Saudi Arabia. I worked customer service.

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