discuss relevant field or professional work experience in an effort to outline the implications for human services practice

Topic is Bullying!!!!

In addition to the academic research you will do about this topic, you will also be required to integrate professional or field work experience into your exploration of the topic.
Below is an outline of what should be included in the paper:
a) introduction/describe the topic area—i.e., recent trends, demographic statistics, and epidemiological data, if available—and state why this topic is important;

b) summarize current scholarship from at least 6 peer-reviewed journals, with emphasis on in-depth review of the life span issue, highlighting insights from the literature related to developmental theories, and drawing conclusions from your personal analysis of the current literature (you may also use your textbook as an additional resource) textbook is Zastrow, C. H., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2015). Understanding human behavior and the social environment (10th ed.). Boston, MA Cengage Learning.

c) discuss relevant field or professional work experience in an effort to outline the implications for human services practice (macro, clinical, or both). *Please see the description in the paragraph below for more directions about what constitutes field or professional work experience.

d) lastly, in your concluding paragraph, please offer your own personal reflection on this life span development phase, which must include your analysis of how your personal faith perspective may or may not impact one’s movement through the developmental phase. Please offer specific biblical principles, such as scripture passages, that may help to communicate your perspective.

*Note: Field or professional work experience can be any direct engagement with clients or stakeholders that would be relevant to the specific population described in your paper. It may be clinical or macro in focus, e.g., individual work with a client, group work, community organizing, legislative efforts. If you do not have any relevant field or professional work experience from which to draw on, you will need to: (a) talk with a person who has firsthand experience with your selected topic, e.g., an individual from the population you described in your paper, program director, practitioner, or community advocate; or (b) read a first-person account written by an individual who is part of the population you discussed in your paper.

This paper should be 6-7 pages in length (plus the title and reference page) and formatted in APA. Please remember proper in-text citations to maintain academic honesty. Specifically, the paper should include in-text citations according to APA formatting standards.

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