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Question 1. Please see below video clip and analyze the task characteristics in the video. (a) Does this task have high (or low) Task Autonomy? High (or low) task feedback? High (or low) task structure? And, high (or low) task interdependence? (see textbook pp. 498 – 500). (b) What type of task characteristics would you like to have for your own job? Please share your opinion based on the four task characteristics (e.g., I want to have high task autonomy job, etc.) 

Charlie Chaplin – Factory Work (Links to an external site.)Charlie Chaplin - Factory Work

Question 2. Please see below video clip and think about this company’s culture. 

The Zappos Family – How They Work (Links to an external site.)The Zappos Family - How They Work

(a) According to the Competing Values Framework (Figure 14.2, p. 511), what type of culture does this company have?  (b) Would you like to work for a company like this? Why? Or, why not?

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